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Proposal to provide Career-linked Education & Guidance Service

Career Education – a big opportunity

About Us

Nice Education Organisation is functioning under the aegis of Career-linked Education Council which is an apex organisation set up under section 8 of MCA, Government of India for making policies and planning at the national level to bridge the gap between degrees and career competencies and to cultivate a culture of “be what you want to be”.

Our programmes have just ONE specific focus “Excellence in Career Management”. We live and breathe career counselling; nothing else gets in the way. We are practical, idealists and confident that our career guidance programs are the best in the world. A strong commitment to research and improvement ensures that we stay the best.

Our Vision

One life: Make it: The Best. To build a global network of counsellors-assisted career development systems, so that we can make this world a little better than we have got it.

Our Mission

Our single-minded mission is to guide students to find their passion and accordingly design their careers and education pathways that lead to a “life by CHOICE, not by chance".

Our Values

One life: Make it: The Best. To build a global network of counsellors-assisted career development systems, so that we can make this world a little better than we have got it.

Need for Career Planning

Our Methodology

  • Self-engaging – means involving a student to draw his/her careerlinked education pathways.
  • Impartial – not being judgmental or making decisions for others but helping students in their decision-making process.
  • Authentic – research-based scientific tools and updated information from original sources.
  • Measurable – various stages of career development should be measured, compared, and analysed.
  • Transparent – all the stakeholders i.e., student, parent, teacher, and advisor can share the student’s progress in real-time.

12 strong reasons to associate with the Council.

  1. No cost business setup: We provide you with an online business, where people are spending most of their time, with integrated client/team management (CRM/HRM), payment, income, and support features. Further, there is no stress, pollution, traffic jam or hassle of travelling anywhere.
  2. No risk opportunity: You are sharing the profits without any liability or the burden of overhead expenses or any financial loss. There is no harm in trying. Worst to worst, if you are not able to run the business, you have nothing to lose and you can use the training to guide students in your family; and if you succeed you can earn millions of rupees with name and fame.
  3. Leads generation: The challenging part of any business is getting clients. After making investments, most of the entrepreneurs spend 80% of their efforts and resources to get leads and only 20% is left to do business. We save you from such pitfalls and empower you by sharing data with tools and skills to generate leads in abundance
  4. Multiple sources of regular income: Most businesses fail due to dependency on earnings from a single source i.e., through self-effort. When you build a team, you get the power of compounding income that creates multiple channels of income, even if you are sleeping or engaged in some other activities.
  5. Ownership of the business: You work independently under the banner of the Council, and we take care of the support to enable entrepreneurship within you to spread its wings. You’re building an enterprise that can be inherited by family members else can be sold to someone for a profit.
  6. Most satisfying opportunity: You are proud of your achievements but there is so much more that you want to accomplish. You are full of ideas and have a can-do spirit. You act as a catalyst and transfer your knowledge and experience, which you have gained in all these years to shape the destiny of the young generation. The success of one child inspires others in the family and society. Education is the only weapon to change a person and the world.
  7. Work anytime from anywhere: having ease and flexibility both for you and your clients. You have the freedom to balance your work and family life. Moreover, you can move anywhere you want in the world and still be able to work effectively as a career professional.
  8. Global reach, unlimited market: A physical centre is dependent on the local population and can be visited by nearby clients. With an online centre, you have unlimited and unrestricted exposure to clients throughout the country/abroad even if you are in a village / small town.
  9. Unified Communication System: You get an integrated system to call from your computer, send emails, SMS, etc. You can also, get your personalised IVR to greet and direct your clients. Since, every business call is important so you can keep a record of every incoming, outgoing, or even missed call.
  10. A dignified partnership: We treat you as an important stakeholder of the Council. Our work culture offers an atmosphere to evolve together and to learn about clients, competitors, business conditions and ever-changing technologies.
  11. Life-log, after-life, financial security: We keep a reserve of 5% of the business generated through beneficiary members of the team. Due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances like critical illness, disability or after demise, when an associate can't work, there is a provision to get regular money directly transferred in a bank account of self or dependent family member.
  12. Transparency in business and income: Your earnings are instantly updated in the Income dashboard, you receive SMS + email notifications of every rupee earned, which is immediately transferred to your bank account.

Career Education Tools & Technology

Based on over 40 years of continuous research and development, NICE has created research-based, scientific, and appropriate pedagogical tools, a learning/skills management system, authentic career assessment technology which are very helpful in guiding students from the morass of uncertainty to the doable career selection.

Tools Description
1. Career Assessor: Become what you want to be Career Aptitude Assessment is the most authentic psychometric tool for students to find their true interests and set S.M.A.R.T. career objectives or to match the compatibility. ₹1800
2. Work Attitude: Listen to your heart & mind Work Attitude Assessment allows users to pinpoint what is important to them in a career. It helps to identify occupations that they may find satisfying based on their work values and the characteristics of the occupations. ₹1800
3. Ability Analyser: Recognise innate talents Discovering a child's areas of intelligence removes the 'trial and error' method of parenting (teaching a fish to climb a tree). ₹1800
4. Career Explorer: Career by choice not by chance Have you ever heard of anyone planning a career as an HVAC Technician, Yarden Architect, Dispensing Optician, Memory Augmentation Surgeon, Podiatrist, Trash Engineer, AR/VR Object, Emotional Intelligence Designer, Climatic analysis, etc? The Career Choice tool provides details of approx. 1500 careers, based on 1. Ability, 2. Activity, 3. Aptitude, 4. Attitude, 5. Context, 6. Field, 7. Growth, 8. Industry, 9. STEM, 10. Knowledge, 11. Opportunity, 12. Preparation, 13. Pathways, 14. Skills, 15. Traits, etc. ₹4500
5. Education Index: Don’t follow the crowd! It provides authentic and impartial guidance on more than 30,000 courses with the "Students' Satisfaction Survey" of the colleges and universities so that students can select the right institutes offering the right courses. ₹1500
6. Scholarships Abroad: Gateway to Abroad Study in best universities in the USA, Canada, Australia and European countries almost FREE of cost with scholarships and financial assistance. Using this tool students aspiring to study abroad can apply for 2000+ courses and scholarships all over the world. ₹1500
7. Study Organiser: View real-time exam preparation with Progress Meter The Study Organiser is a boon for such students who are not taking an interest in their studies. It creates a personalised study schedule as per its difficulty level so that students can get 100% consistent marks in the exam. It includes much acclaimed "Progress Meter" to show real-time preparation of the exam in three colours: Green: the student is doing well; Yellow: the student is lagging and Red: the student has to work hard as it is difficult to pass the exam. ₹1500
8. Skills Evaluator: Validate Employability Skills Degrees without employability skills = a mobile without a SIM card. To strive in the new economy most sought-after skills are: Cognitive Flexibility, Emotional Intelligence, Cross-cultural Competency, Artificial Intelligence, People Management, SMAC Intelligence, Virtual Collaboration, etc. ₹1500
9. Online Class: Ensure your career Career-linked online, interactive class + doubt clarification + unlimited test with analysis and reports. Under the career achievement programme, if you have not got success in the desired career, 100% of your fee is returned. ₹18,800
10. eCAP: Inspire the path to success Career Achievement Path (CAP) is like stepping stones to create career awareness and to build a life we want to live. Counsellors assisted career planning and training by teachers, instructors, coaches for ensures your success in competitive exams, games & sports. You get a chance to participate in district, state, national, international level contests and win prizes, awards and medals.

Your Work & Income Prospects

Your Work

  • (i) Guide Students/Parents: We provide leads through CRM. You have to communicate, give webinars, conduct psychometric assessments, do counselling and enrol for ensured Career Achievement Path (eCAP). One-time fee for Assessment and counselling is ₹3,600 and eCAP with online class is ₹18,800 for any competitive exam. You’ll get ₹1800 per counselling and ₹3,760 per enrolment done by you.

  • (ii) Manage a Team: We provide leads of people willing to work as Counsellors. You can build and manage a team of minimum 6 counsellors. You’ll get ₹940 per counselling done by any member of your team.

  • Your expected income will be above ₹2 lakh depending on your efforts and team management.


    To provide Career-linked Education & Guidance Service (CEGS), you should have:

    1. Graduate/Master’s degree in any field
    2. Internet-connected computer/laptop.

    Optional Requirements

    1. To get leads through CRM and start counselling, you require hosted telephony, which you can procure from any service provider. To integrate with your dashboard, you have to pay a one-time setup fee of ₹3,500/- with one month trial. Subsequent renewal fees: ₹11,520 half-yearly, ₹20,160 annually. To give presentations & counselling and to record them, you require Google Meet (₹9,516 per annum).
    2. If you want to give career counselling, you require a career explorer tool (₹4,500) and Aptitude, Attitude, Ability assessment tools (₹3,600) total ₹8,100. You can get the tools from any other source.
    3. If you require competency-based ONLINE training and certification as a professional career counsellor, then you have to pay the training fee of ₹36,000 and the certification (online test & assessment) fee of ₹Rs 600 per module. You can get training from any institute.

    There are no hidden charges. We humbly request you not to insist on free tools or training.

    Who can avail this opportunity?

    Anyone, who has a burning desire to guide students/parents and earn money, for example:

    • Students: can cultivate a habit of earning & learning; will shape their career by guiding others.
    • Freshers: can get real work experience and earn money, while searching for a job.
    • Working persons: can have an extra source of income to meet the increasing cost of living.
    • Female: can use their education to be self-reliant while fulfilling family responsibilities.
    • Retired persons: can transfer their experience to young people and earn attractive income.

    A small step leads to great success

    First, understand the business model, complete documentation, sign an agreement (LOI), next get the virtual office platform, start working and earning.

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