Margdarshak® is a not-for-profit national career guidance service under aegis of Careerlinked Education Council, which is an apex organisation setup under section 8 of MCA Government of India for making policies and planning to meet the urgent requirements of career education and bridge the gap between degrees and career competencies. Margdarshak transforms lives and shape the destiny of individuals.

To provide authentic and impartial career development services to students at their career building stages a Career Achievement Programme (CAP) has been launched and a nationwide network of professionally trained Career Advisors is being created.

Our core competencies are in managing a person's career from ambition till achievements. We have developed appropriate and effective pedagogical tools, learning & skills management system and career assessment technology, helpful in career planning and improving chances of success in life.

Margdarshak is dedicated to educate and empowering young people to manage and own their career success. Through career awareness, employability skills and work readiness, we effectively engage them in their own career development and contribute to the strength of their families and societies.

Our activities take place on an individual or group basis and face-to-face or distance mode. They include career information provision, self-assessment tools, managing studies, work search and transition services.

Our holistic view of the career sector enables us to lead, define, practice and develop resources improving the quality of career decision making by students and their parents by providing advisor-delivered, authentic and impartial career guidance which opens the doors of success.

The career decision-making services available to students at school and college are pathetically ineffective. Perhaps more than 94% of us are in the wrong career. This is an unrecognised national disgrace in a country like India.

We have developed scientific career assessment programs for in-depth testing of a person’s natural abilities, aptitudes, work attitudes and skills, that are very successful in guiding people through the morass of uncertainty. Then, they put all the pieces together into a practical, doable career choice, a new direction that they design themselves. Our career development programs enable people to have the most successful, productive and fulfilling lives possible.

We propagate the philosophy of career by choice and not by chance. Students and adults get clear on everything that really matters to them. They are introduced to important factors that they never considered, but play a large role in day-to-day career satisfaction and success.

Margdarshak originated holistic career education more than forty years ago and created evidence based, innovative methodology that leads to unparalleled results. We are practical idealists and confident that our career guidance programs are the best in the world. A strong commitment to research and improvement ensures that we stay the best.

Our programme and advisors have just ONE specific focus “Excellence in Career Management”. We live and breathe career guidance nothing else gets in the way.