Margdarshak School Program provides basic career education for school students by allowing them to plan and manage their careers. Students not only learn how education and training pathways are created, they also learn core skills that are instrumental to success; such as brainstorming, consensus building, critical reading, gathering and organising information, self-assessment, oral and written communication.

Volunteer mentors employ a variety of activities and technological supplements to encourage and use innovative thinking. The skills that students learn in this after-school program will prove valuable as they begin to consider higher education and career choices.

Participating in Margdarshak programs demonstrates significant understanding of careers. It gives them a good understanding of why they are in class and easily see the interrelation between their studies and real life.

What do schools / academies say about us?

Margdarshak has helped me to expand my knowledge and helped me to progress into the career path I wanted to take. It has been very enjoyable and I would recommend this programme to anyone who is unsure of what their next step is, as the help and support that is provided is AMAZING. – St Vats School

It is a very thorough service and meets the needs of our students. The one to one sessions are invaluable to our students and the Online/Chat advice is getting more popular and widely used. – S.N. High School

Excellent service and support from a committed and knowledgeable professional. – Manav Rachana School.