Job Planning to Placement

Get the job which is most suited to your qualification, knowledge and skills in just 5 simple steps. This will save your time, energy and money which are wasted in experimentation. We have done the research for you and will guide you step by step to get an immediate job in MNCs and reputed organisations with best salary and benefits offered in the industry. This is not for reading but for action.


Step from job planning to placements:

1. Your distinct resume:

You are a deserving candidate but not getting call or emails from good employers, because the HR Manager has not read your resume. Why?

Out of hundreds of resumes, which the recruiters receive, they glance it for 8-10 seconds and move ahead. In this fraction of time, if your resume caught the attention then you are called otherwise you are one among the crowd.

This is a very crucial factor and most of the applicants are simply ignorant about preparing a resume and covering email/letter (an integral part of your resume). If you don't know the techniques to market yourself, then you are bound to face rejection in spite of having better qualification.

Margdarshak helps you to get your personalised resume + covering email/letter to receive calls from top employers, it is guaranteed.

A common mistake:

Most of the job-seekers have a wrong notion that just posting their resumes on websites will bring good offers automatically. Putting your resume on jobsites helps the jobsite owners more than you, because your resume is sold to marketing and consulting companies for a premium price. You can verify this fact yourself from these websites, who sell your resume data ranging from Rs 150,000 to Rs 280,000 pa.

2. Showcase your resume:

Margdarshak displays your resume in a distinct manner and allow employers for free access so that they can recognise your talent and contact you directly, increasing the chances of getting good job.

You might be aware that 80% of the selections are made without advertising. Generally, you apply for only 20% of the vacant positions after perusing jobsites and newspaper ads. This reduces your chance of success.

To overcome this barrier, we deliver your personalised resume to recruiters of the MNCs and reputed organisations. When your resume reaches directly in the hands of HR managers, you get immediate attention and job offers.

3. Employability Skills:

Some of the jobs, especially in I.T., require testing of your technical skills. Due to fast changing domain knowledge and vast scope of the field, candidates get confused.

Margdarshak helps you to know what to prepare and which types of questions will be asked. It contains important questions with answers.

4. Facing Interviews:

Your performance in the interview is a decisive factor to get an appointment letter. Most of the candidates are unaware about the basic facts of the interview. They face it unrehearsed and in a casual manner only to get rejection. provides you very practical tips and transforms you in a new avatar to face the interview confidently, the way your interviewer likes to see you.

5. Internship and Project Experience:

It is an obvious fact that candidates who mention some job experience are given priority in selection process. To boost your career and to provide you real time work experience, you get a chance to involve yourself with real assignments, which is being handled on behalf of prestigious clients. This way, you get a genuine experience certificate of reputed companies, which can be authentically mentioned in your resume.

Open a new chapter of success:

Whether you're currently working or looking for a career change or you want to work from home, we can support and motivate you to take control of your career. Our approach combines skill development tools and online mentoring, providing professional and personalised services to achieve success and fulfilment