National Register of Career Management Professionals (CMP)

The Register is maintained and updated by Careerlinked Education Council, an apex body which regulates the profession, develops code of ethics and assures the quality to prevent malpractices. National Register of Career Management Professionals is the single national point of reference for ensuring and promoting the professional status of CMPs. The Register isn’t just for career professionals but for everyone including career advisors/counsellors and trainers.

Proving that you are a professional

While anyone can call themselves a Career Adviser or Consultant and provide services, without being qualified, being on the National Register of Career Management Professionals immediately conveys the message that you are professionally trained and qualified to practice. Joining the National Register of Career Management Professionals demonstrates that you are professionally trained and qualified, adhere to the Council’s Code of Ethics and undertake career planning of minimum 50 persons each year. You can then call yourself a Registered Career Management Professional and use the CMP logo.

Promoting professional status

Using the Registered Career Management Professional logo and post nominals CMP are important ways of promoting your professional status which will be used by schools, colleges and learning providers looking to find registered professionals in their area.
Qualified teachers who have a role as a Careers Advisor/Counsellor and who also hold one of the careers education qualification can also join the Register. They would however also need a career management qualification in order to provide career guidance to students.

Benefits of registration

Notable benefits include:

  • Keeping up-to-date knowledge, skills and societal/technological developments;
  • Opportunity to participation in range of conferences, meetings and online webinars;
  • Access to online resources and training events;
  • Monthly CMP newsletter.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone whose main job role requires them to deliver career management services to an individual or a group of individuals through any medium (e.g. face to face, by telephone or online). Also included are those career professionals in related occupations (e.g. in research, consultancy or training) who do not work directly with users of career management activities and services. Students who are undergoing CMP training may also join the Register.

Following prerequisites are endorsed for entering your details in the National CMP Register:

  • Be a member of the Careerlinked Education Council.
  • Must have Under Graduate/Bachelor/Master’s degree in any relevant field.
  • Minimum 60% in Career Management Professional Skill Test.
  • Certification as Career Management Professional (provisional certification also accepted).
  • Evidence based details that you have provided career management/planning services to minimum 2 students/ outh and its outcome.
  • Must adhere to the highest standards of professional behaviour as set out in the Code of Ethics.
  • Brief profile describing your qualification, experience, achievements, contribution to career education and society.

Registration Fee

If you are already a member the cost of joining the National Register of Career Management Professionals is Rs 1500/- only.

To complete the online registration form, click here.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties in registering please contact the CMP Registration Manager:


Phone: 9212401007

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