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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

CERT Council

MSc (Physics), PGDCA, PGDBM, CCP

Doing counselling and career development since 42 years

RP is a career educator and founding member of the organisation. He is truly passionate about guiding students and adults. He contributes to the career success of thousands of people every year. He originated holistic career education more than forty years ago and created an innovative, evidence-based methodology that leads to unparallel results.

He strongly believes that career guidance is not theoretically preaching to anyone but an impartial, transparent, authentic and measurable process. For this, he has developed an innovative dashboard to manage a person's career from ambition to achievements. The outcome is shared with all the stakeholders i.e., students, parents, teachers and advisors.

RP and his team have developed effective career education tools related to career awareness, aptitude and work attitude assessment, skills evaluation, study management etc. He is the originator of highly acclaimed "Job Planning to Placements" programs. RP has developed a novel approach towards finding jobs at the best possible salary.

He has organised several training programs, seminars and workshops where he has spent countless hours sharing knowledge, skills and motivating the participants to take control of their education, career, professional and personal lives and helping them to achieve their goals.

He has a firm belief that the right guidance at the right time improves the chances of success. Systematic presentation of career choices, authentic assessment and impartial education pathways greatly enhance the guidance services.

RP is continuously working towards improving career education programs and methods to better fit the needs of students and adults with the changing times.

Language: English, Hindi

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

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