Our Programs

Ignites the spark of young people to experience the realities of life

Margdarshak programs show students the value of education, bridge the gap of what they are learning in the classroom with the real world, and equip them with the skills and tools they need to be more successful in school and their future careers. Our programs prepare students to proactively manage their careers, and develop skills that will be required in a global workforce.

Our Programs

Unplanned Career Decisions

Indian youth face numerous problems at the decisions making stages during transition years between high school and the working world. Unfortunately, students are unaware of their education and employment options. The path they follow to their careers is indirect and their decisions are often based on scant information.

Career education is missing from our national education framework. Research shows a stark disconnect between the courses of study students pursue and existing career openings and business needs. It also should be noted that “92 percent of the students surveyed could think of nothing their school was doing to help with career decision-making”.

Most young people are receiving little to no career guidance outside the home, and not enough from their parents. Most parents have a fairly narrow frame of reference when it comes to careers and employability skills. Ask young people what they plan to do after graduation, and nearly all of them will tell you some sort of post-graduate education without any career plan.

Integration of career development systems nationwide

The value of creating a unified, comprehensive, and integrated career development system nationwide cannot be underestimated. A well-educated, well-trained and balanced workforce is central to the standing of the Indian economy in the future global marketplace. The integration of career development systems can serve to streamline efforts, create awareness, and provide young adults with the information needed to make choices and plan for the rest of their lives.

Programs designed to create tomorrow's leaders

Students who participate in Margdarshak programs gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in life. Our programs prepare them to innovate, take on leadership roles and go after their dreams. We accomplish this by partnering with teachers, parents and dedicated career advisors, who bring the “real world” into the academic learning. Our programs are based on four pillars: career awareness, educational achievement, skills development and work readiness. Margdarshak has started the following programmes:

Career Achievement Programme (CAP) Campaign

CAP involves the understanding of basic career concepts and the ability to use that information to make wise personal and career decisions and choosing the right education & training pathways. We have brought thousands of students and young people to develop awareness and career planning.

Job Planning to Placements

Margdarshak offers work readiness programs that enrich the curriculum and support educators in preparing our students to become productive members of society.

How we do it

Margdarshak’s impact happens in three stages: transforming, delivering, and achieving. First, we provide a transformational event that creates career awareness and encourages them to do more with their lives. Then, Margdarshak gives students the tools and confidence they need to achieve great things. Finally, students use those skills to reach their highest potential.

Our professionally trained Career Advisors provide high quality information, guidance and career management services within a constantly changing environment to people of all ages.

Our Impact

By partnering with institutes and industries, Margdarshak is helping to create a skilled and talented work force.

91% of school students surveyed felt better prepared to enter the world of work after taking a Margdarshak program.

Margdarshak is critically needed in our schools: NOW MORE THAN EVER.