According to the Careerlinked Education Council Refund Policies, there will be NO refund for the order placed for any career education service/Product.
If customer has any query related to the order, then he/she must contact Careerlinked Education Council at or 011 30 79 75 79 (30 Lines).
If Careerlinked Education Council cancel/discontinue any product/service, then the total amount paid by the customer will be refunded.


Once you've purchased tool(s) from Careerlinked Education Council, it is available to you in your account.

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promote the implementation of best practice in guidance counselling in schools and further education and training settings promote the implementation of best practice in career guidance in non-formal settings advise on policy and strategies for the promotion of a continuum of guidance in the context of lifelong learning provide advice, support, materials and resources for guidance in career and education provide training and continuing education for guidance professionals For further details please visit council’s official website which is allotted by ERNET the domain registrar of Government of India.


You may not lend or co-own any of your purchases with another person.