Share Knowledge

“Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality” - Dalai Lama

If you are studying or teaching and working, you got a certain set of skills, knowledge and experience. But what are you really doing with it? Are you hoarding it away like a squirrel? It’s yours, yes. But sharing your knowledge not only helps others in their professional endeavours, it also helps you.

Nothing helps deepen knowledge as effectively as sharing it.


Why should you share knowledge?

When it comes to sharing knowledge, universe is made up of two kinds of people, those who hoard knowledge and those who share it.

Only two kinds of people. Period.

The key argument of the hoarders goes as follows, "I spent a lot of time and effort in learning what I know. This knowledge gives me an edge over my colleagues. So why should I share my knowledge and cut the branch on which I am sitting?"

From moral through personal to commercial, there are many reasons why you should share your knowledge. Here are seven of those reasons.

1. You got to pay forward: You are where you are because somebody saw it right to share their knowledge with you. Neither did they judge you, nor belittle you for your lack of knowledge. They believed in your potential and decided that it was worth their effort in helping you to grow. If society has invested in your growth, you owe it to the society to pay it forward by sharing your knowledge.

2. Sharing knowledge helps you grow: I have observed that next to writing down your ideas, knowledge sharing helps bring clarity to your ideas and thought processes. The questions that come up while sharing knowledge help broaden your perspective and widen your knowledge. And that is how you grow as an individual.

3. Sharing Knowledge builds your profile as an expert leader: In today's knowledge based industry, knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge positions you as an expert and helps you seamlessly move to the leadership role.

4. Sharing knowledge helps fill gaps in your knowledge: This appears to be counter intuitive. When I was working as a faculty in the management institute, I have grown a lot through the variety of perspective my students brought to the table. Some of those perspectives made me reevaluate my understanding of the issue at hand. They say that what goes around comes around. If you gain a reputation of sharing what you know, knowledge will chase you and you will find that many people are interested in sharing their knowledge with you. People start trusting you with their knowledge. Paradoxically, when you share your knowledge, you receive more knowledge.

5. Sharing knowledge helps you build connections between disparate circumstances: While you are sharing the knowledge, the listener could bring in some information that will complement your knowledge set and help you see connections and similarities between disparate circumstances. For example, when I discuss investment concepts with my friends, I see many people making the same kind of investment errors like investing when the price of the stock has shot up significantly. Surprisingly they make similar mistakes in their life, for example holding on to a loss far too long or giving away is good stuff far too soon.

6. Sharing Knowledge helps you build your network: There is no better way to build your network and spread your influence than sharing your knowledge. If you choose your audience and your topic carefully, you can end up with a whole number of influential people who know what you know and who are in a position to help you.

7. Finally, sharing knowledge is uplifting: It makes you happy and proud about yourself. Your self esteem goes up and you become a happier person. I would share my knowledge for this reason alone if not anything else.

The key to remember is that just because you don't share your knowledge, people do not stop learning. There are many avenues available for people to learn stuff. You should be feeling grateful that people are asking you to share what you know. You should be thankful to them for giving you an opportunity to let you grow in your chosen field.

When you share your knowledge, you learn...


It is invaluable for students to understand first-hand the experiences of employers and there are a number of ways you can get involved

Employer mentoring

Employer Mentoring is an invaluable way for students to understand first-hand the experiences of employers and for employers to make a positive impact on our students as they navigate the graduate recruitment market.

Our mentoring scheme is an effective way of sharing your knowledge, further developing your coaching and mentoring skills and encouraging someone interested in a career in your sector. This established and flexible scheme has been a successful way of introducing students to the world of business.

By participating you can:

Raise the profile of your company and its products or services with students and graduates.

Spot future talent and save on recruitment costs.

Support your organisation's social responsibility agenda.

Enhance yours or your staff's coaching, mentoring skills, and experience.

Increase your organisation's networking opportunities.

Help our students to gain skills and expertise employers want to be successful in the graduate recruitment market.

What does the Mentoring Scheme involve?

As little as an eight hour commitment from January-May 2018

Flexibility in how, when and where you meet your student including face to face, skype, email and phone.

Attending our Meet your Mentor event on 25th January 2018

How do I get involved?

It's easy to become a mentor – complete our expression of interest form, or find out more by contacting us on 01332 592939 or emailing

Skills and information sessions

Providing skills or information sessions are an excellent way to get involved with the students. They help the students to have an understanding of the skills they need for their job-hunting and future careers and it helps build the students’ understanding of your organisation.

Sessions could include:

Mock interviews and assessment centres

Interview skills

Commercial awareness workshop

Workshops giving understanding into a particular career area.


Everyone is an Expert at something. The problem is that we are unaware of it or take it for granted. The key is to discover it and step into it.

So what is your expertise?

Are you an author, a coach… or maybe a trainer, speaker, educator, marketer and overall beginner…. … and you realize that you’ve got all the wisdom, knowledge, advice, life story, and success tips on your specific topic. Understanding that now is the time to get them out of your head and heart and package them in a way that you can spread your message globally with the whole world and inspire other people.

Are you someone that has been through a struggle and you’ve had many challenges in your life and now you see other people going through the exact same endeavor that you’ve been through and you just want to help these people. To share your journey with them, and truly impact their lives.

Whatever your mission or passion is, you have to understand that your skills, your message, and your knowledge are valuable. No one else has the exact same skills and life story as yours!

You have to embrace your expertise. You aren’t doing the world any favor by minimizing your expertise and trying to deny it.

Your expertise is a gift, given to you for the purpose of sharing with the world. You can express it in a thousand different ways…