Career Awareness Programme (CAP) Contests

Either you can participate yourself & get scholarships and prizes to inspire your career, or nominate students in your family, neighbourhood or friend circle.

Parents should encourage their children to participate in Career contests organised by It gives a sense of pride and provides catalytic effect to accomplish higher academic excellence.

The prizes and accolades won during our academic programmes have far reaching consequences and induce very motivating effect throughout the life.

We proudly mention them in our CVs and HR Managers pay attention while hiring the best.

Terms & conditions: Winners agree to allow free use of their names, photographs and general location for publicity and news purposes in connection with the CAP – contests program. Also the winner’s photographs/videos will be displayed at our websites, seminars, etc.

No fee: Participation in scholarship programme is totally free and students don’t have to pay even a single paisa for this.

Details of the CAP – contests, scholarships and prizes are as follows, Click on the name for details:

  • Scholastic – Contest
  • Career – Contest
  • Educational – Contest
  • Student Satisfaction Survey – Contest

(A) Scholastic – Contest:

For each class/exam category

Scholarship – Rs 1000 pm for one year (5)

Prizes – Rs 500 cash coupon for career management (1000)

To participate in the scholastic contest you have to login on our website and follow the instructions given below:

  • Upload the syllabus of the course/subject. You can scan or take photograph of the pages of syllabus or type in word file and upload it.
  • Take ONE subject (you think your concepts are clear) write all its lessons and specify its approximate marks and average study time to finish the lesson (in minutes)
  • Prepare study notes on any one lesson using maximum illustrations with figures, diagrams, and up-to-date data wherever necessary. It should contain (a) Descriptive problems, (b) Short & very short answer type (c) Numerical questions with answers (if required) and (d) 30 to 50 Objective questions with multiple choices (4 options) and right answers with explanation.
  • Type the above lesson in word file get it approved by your subject teacher and upload it. If you can’t type then you can courier the paper to our office address or give it to our Career Advisor personally.

Your lesson will be examined by our editorial team and accordingly your name will be considered for scholarship.

(B) Career – Contest:

Scholarship – Rs 1000 pm for one year (5)

Prizes – Rs 500 cash coupon for career management (1000)

To participate in career contest you have to write descriptions of a career/occupation/job with the help of minimum 2 persons working in any Government/private organisation or self-employed as per headings given below:

  • Designation/name of the occupation:
  • Department/Job field:
  • Work responsibilities:
  • Eligibility to get the job:
  • Educational qualifications for entry
  • General eligibility (like age limits, physical, etc.):
  • Extra training (if needed):
  • Skills required for the job:
  • Hobbies  (helpful for the job):
  • Selection procedure (How to get this job or enter into this occupation):
  • Remuneration/Income potential:
  • Employment opportunities/trends and future prospects:
  • Working conditions:
  • Outlook of the job (in social and family context):
  • Advantage/Disadvantage of the Job:
  • Related occupations/jobs/service/work:
  • Organisations where people work.

Please Note:

  • You may also furnish information under any other headings which is not mentioned above, if you wish to do so.
  • You have to send actual details and interviews of minimum two persons who are engaged in this occupation (Name, contact details and photographs with consent to publish it on our website).
  • You can prepare a video/photographs showing the general activities related to the job/occupation.

(C) Educational – Contest:

Scholarship – Rs 1000 pm for one year (5)

Prizes – Rs 500 cash coupon for career management (1000)

  • Name of the Institute:
  • Type of the Institute: (Whether school, collage, university, management /technical /vocational /training /coaching Institute, etc.)
  • Management name: (i.e. name of the governing body)
  • Management type: (Govt., Society, Trust, Company, Partnership firm, Proprietorship)
  • Affiliation: (Name of board/university and other body)
  • Full address:
    • Pin code:
    • Phone/Mobile:
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Establishment: Date/Year:
  • Facilities available:
  • Scholarships/Freeships/Financial Assistances for poor/deserving candidates:
  • Special features/information about the institute:
  • Staffs: (including Director/Chairperson/Secretary/Administrator/Principal, etc.):
  • Details of Course/Training Programme:
  • Course/training programme/class/standard:
  • Study type: (a) Full Time/Regular (b) Part Time/Morning/Evening (c) External/Private  (d) Open/ Correspondence (e) For Women only
  • Name of the Recognising Body:Â Â Â Â (State/Central Govt. Council/Board like CBSE, UGC, AICTE, MCI, etc.)
  • Duration of the course: in Years Months Weeks Days
  • Enrolments (i.e. no. of seats):
  • Fees for the course/programme in Rs:
  • Courses of studies (Syllabus/Structure/Subjects/Modules taught):
  • Eligibility for Admission:
  • Selection Procedure:
  • Other relevant details:

(D) Students Satisfaction Survey - Contest

Prizes – Rs 500 cash coupon for career management (1000).

Rs 100 cash coupons to all participants.

To participate in students satisfaction contest you have to conduct survey of 10-15 students of the current batch of any course. The survey helps to guide other students while choosing the right courses and selecting the right institutions. We promise to keep students’ identity strictly confidential.

  • Name of School/College/Institute:
  • Class/Course/Training Programme:
  • Student's Name, Email, Mobile no
  • Questions to be asked in Survey:
    • Are you satisfied with course curriculum?
    • Are you satisfied with the faculty?
    • Are you satisfied with the educational facilities?
    • Are you satisfied with fee and other charges?
    • Are you satisfied with career/placement assistance?

Your valuable opinion expressed in this survey will help other students while selecting admission right institutions and courses. It also creates awareness against such institutions luring students on the basis of attractive advertisements that are playing with the lives of the students at their career building stage with false promises of placement, poor teaching/training facilities and are charging unreasonable fees. For this contribution of yours, the younger generation will remain grateful to you. Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

To participate in CAP – contests and win prizes and scholarships You have to give references of 5 students on the next page.