For every winner there's a coach. When you tell us and appreciate how valuable our help has been, it that means a lot to us. Below are just a few of comments...

Kapil Verma (a parent)

I want to thank you so much for the work Margdarshak is doing for our children. My son is 30, but when it comes to doing jobs has got nowhere. Margdarshak Advisor Ritu has worked wonderfully in applying for jobs and getting him into interviews. Somehow your people open doors which have been closed to my son. Please, keep up this service. It is so valuable to parents like us. We cannot open the doors for our kids no matter how hard we fight. As parents we see the ability there and not just the disability which others see.

Shahid Ahmed (a volunteer)

Jigisha is brilliant and engages so well with students, she has the ability to pick up on things that others wouldn't. She also has the caring nature that some of our students so desperately need when making decisions about their futures. She is an asset to Margdarshak.

I would also like to comment on Programme Co-ordinator Rohan. I have worked with him for a few months and he is always accommodating, he is also pleasant, polite and very easy to work with.

Akhtar (a jobseeker)

I would like to thank you for all the support and advice you have given me. Thanks for your advice Job planning to placement” programme, I have been to 3 interviews the past 2 months, so glad I was successful in one!

Shobhit Agarwal, President Ashok Nagar

Views on career awareness seminar

Thank you for organising Career Awareness Programme (CAP). The students really enjoyed the day and those I have spoken to so far liked the presentations. The students at the last session found it very informative. The day has given them an Insight into various professions.

I really appreciate you giving up your time to invest in our students and I hope you would like to come back to future events at in our locality."

Mrs Sharma – a volunteer at DAV School

I asked some quite direct questions to standard 9th students at the end of the day and they spoke very highly of the experience. It was really great to see how energised a large percentage of the students were. The career awareness programme has opened a wider spectrum of career opportunities.

Piyush Kalra, Director, Brilliant Coaching Institute

I just thought I should pass on my thanks for your contribution to Wednesday’s CAP activities. I’ve received very positive feedback from 11th standard students and parents and they really appreciated the balanced way you presented their options after 12th. Hopefully, we can do it all again next year!

Programme Coordinator, Central School, Vikaspuri

I just felt the need this morning to give you the feedback and say your Career Advisors are really amazing. The students found them very professional, supportive and enthusiastic about anything they asked them and I thoroughly enjoyed the career awareness session.

David Thomas, Headteacher

“I am writing to express my thanks to you for the outstanding contribution you have made to our school, particularly the part you have played in providing us for creating personalised career portfolio of the students, with excellent support.

We greatly appreciate the work Margdarshak Advisors do and held in high regard by students and staffs of the school.